Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Gain Lean Muscle Fast! The 3 Sacred Rules For The Skinny Guy

Work smarter and more efficiently, not harder.

The other reason is that by the 10th rep your form has probably started to degrade to the point that you're using every muscle other than the one you're actually trying to exercise. Want to learn more? Who are they kidding? Most of that time is either spent sitting around talking to their buddies or trying (notice I emphasized "trying") to picking up the cute girl at the front desk.

Let me ask you, who is fitter the guy who can get into the gym do 10 exercises, 3 sets each in 40mins or the guy who does the same exercises in an hour and a half? I know you've sensed it. More sets, the same # of sets in less time, or more weight in each set. Once you've gone through a work out your body goes, "alright that was tough, I guess I have to get stronger so I can handle it next time". You want to be focusing on using your fast twitch muscles because they will grow fastest. Move more quickly from exercise to exercise a! nd keep your rest times honest. Always put your energy where you will get the most results in less time. Your body like you doesn't want to work any harder than it needs to and it wants to stay the same. The trick is to keep track of your progress. Visit to register for your FREE subscription to The Skinny Guy Newsletter: Your Guide to Going from Scrawny to Brawny in 6 Months or Less.

You can post this article on your web site or blog as long as no changes are made, the author's name is retained and the links to our site URLs remains active. The reality is that unless you're genetically pre-disposed to growing muscle or are on drugs and steroids, none (and I say NONE) of the advice you're getting from the body building magazines applies to you. Your goal is to not live at the gym. Take less time for rests or at least keep all your rest t! imes the same length. you're probably not only not achieving ! your des ired results, you're probably going backwards as well! So at the end of the day if you're not upping the ante each and every week you body will just sit there wondering when you're actually going to challenge it.

Aim for a 5% increase every 2 weeks. Anything less is you just kidding yourself.

By Patrick Ogunnaike

Was this article helpful? Well, I'm here to tell you that you were right.

So to get you started here are 3 of the Sacred Rules that most skinny guys are breaking which when broken are actually decreasing your chances of getting the awesome head-turning, jaw dropping, "are you a model?" body you deserve.

Sacred Rule #1 Always Train To Get Stronger Most guys, (I've been guilty of this too) go to the gym and just repeat the same boring workout over and over again wondering why they've plateaued. If you've been working out diligently 2 or more times a week and have been reading the bodybuilding magazines and doing what they say to do...! The only thing that stimulates your body to grow is the need to adapt to new stimulation. Now keep in mind that this increase can be in terms of the following things. Carry a stop watch to time yourself.

Trust me you will feel out of shape at first but your body will adapt.

So at the end of the day; the only goal of your next work is to beat your last work out. So it's better to do 5 reps with perfect form than 20 reps half-assed.

Sacred Rule # 3 Get In and Get Out! A lot of guys think that somehow they're more fit or just plain cooler if they can tell their buddies that they work out for hours at a time. The other benefit is that your work out will become more fun as you beat your previous records and actually watch yourself getting stronger each week.

Sacred Rule # 2 Never Do More than 10 Reps/Set Lifting weights for more than 10 reps does a number of things that are counter-productive for turning your skinny out of shape frame into a massive! hulk of lean muscle. Think carefully as you answer.

Ar! e you na turally skinny and find it really hard to gain weight?

Do people give you blank stares when you tell them you work out?

Are you working out diligently but you just aren't getting any bigger or stronger?

Would you like to finally stop being that skinny, out of shape guys and be "the guy" that other guys look up to and girls drool over?

Well let me tell you something there's hope for you. Firstly by the 11th rep you are now working you slow twitch muscles which have the littlest potential to grow and which grow the slowest.

I have some important questions for you. By keeping track of your workouts you'll be able to keep up the pressure so that your body doesn't become lazy. Obviously the guy that can get more done in less time is fitter.

So focus on getting in and getting out as quickly as you can. You have to realize that skinny guys like us who aren't natural body builders have to work with a different set of rules than all other guys.

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